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Renting a car in Italy to visit the north of the country can be a great idea, we are going to provide you with a small travel guide so that you can get to know the most important cities in the Lombardy region. The first advantage is obvious, northern Italy is very close to the rest of Europe, it has a very large and vibrant multicultural life thanks to the mix of history with the rest of the European countries. Another great advantage is its proximity to the Alps, where you can perfectly combine a tourist visit with a ski getaway if you come in winter.

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The most important region in northern Italy is Lombardia, its capital is Milan. This region is to all intents and purposes a backbone of the country’s economy. To the north of this region lies the Italian Alps and to the south the Po River meandering through the region in Emilia Romagna. We could say that Milan is the most frequented capital in northern Italy, but there are other big cities that you should not miss visiting.

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In Milan you have the chance to enjoy one of the most important works of the city, the Duomo, it is located in the heart of Milan, it is a Gothic-style religious building, it was built from the 14th century, the completion of the Duomo was It is estimated that it was around the 18th century. Perhaps the most recognized thing about the Duomo is its façade, but one of the most common visits is to take a walk on the roofs of the cathedral, where you can enjoy more than 2,000 statues.

If you go inside the Duomo in Milan, highlight the tomb of Gian Giacomo Visconti, or the statue of Saint Bartholomew, the stained glass windows also ask you for a moment of your time to contemplate the scenes from the Old Testament.


The Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, close to the Duomo square, easily recognizable by a spectacular triumphal arch located in Piazza della Scala, is a covered street in the shape of a Latin cross that imitates the passages that were fashionable in Paris and London, this full of shops, cafes and restaurants, it was designed by Giuseppe Mengoni.

The Teatro de la Scala, located in piazza della Scala, on via Manzoni, is a cult building for opera lovers, it was built in the 18th century and its acoustics are of refined perfection. In Milan there is also an extensive civil work, one of the best-known buildings is the Sforzesco Castle, it is a large building, which in ancient times was the seat of the Dukes of Milan, and is currently a city museum. The building consists of a large patio, accessed through the Filarete tower.

A different museum from the many that there are in Milan, is the National Museum of Sciences and Techniques Leonardo da Vinci; a very didactic place with sections dedicated to all the most common topics of our life, printing, astronomy, computing.


Bergamo is located in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. It is a perfect destination to enjoy classic Italian food and good local wines. Bergamo is located to the east of the capital of Milan. Bergamo, has a population of around one hundred and twenty thousand inhabitants, the city was founded by the Celts more than two thousand years ago. This medieval city, hidden behind the ancient walls, is very close to the Alps. The city is divided into two sectors, the largest is known as Bérgamo Alto and the most modern area is called Bérgamo Baja.

Some of the most visited destinations in the city are, the great Romanesque church of Santa María la Mayor began in the 12th century, but its construction lasted for centuries. The Civic Tower (Campanile) was completed near the end of the 15th century. The church is right on the Piazza Vecchia (Old Square) in Bergamo Alto. Climb to the top for a great view of the old city.


The Piedmont region in northwestern Italy is famous for its wine, food and perhaps a city as beautiful as Alessandria. Alessandria was a strategic city that played an important role in the Italian wars. It is a strategic city until today, although in a different way: its railway axis connects the main cities of northern Italy.

As in any Italian city, the center of Alessandria is its main square, Piazza della Libertà, where you can admire the beautiful town hall, Palazzo del Municipio. It is a majestic building with a red facade and a unique clock with three faces.

The oldest church in Alessandria, Santa Maria del Castillo, is a mix of styles, from Romanesque to Renaissance. However, the most important monuments are related to the presence of the Italian army in Alessandria. Citadel is the most famous: A star-shaped building with many towers.


As it has always been an important tourist center, even in Roman times. Be sure to see Villa Serbelloni surrounded by many gardens established in a multitude of different styles. The villa was built in 1605 and eventually became the property of the Rockefeller Foundation. It is now an international conference center for studios and artists.

Already in 1801-1803 Count Francesco Melzi d’Eril was Vice-President of the Italian Republic of Napoleon. Several years later, perhaps to drown his sorrows over the brevity of the Republic, he built the neoclassical Villa Melzi at the southern end of Bellagio right on the lake.

His garden, the only part of the villa open to the public, is said to be the earliest example of an English lake garden. The garden has a Japanese pond with water lilies surrounded by Japanese maples and cedars, Egyptian sculptures, Roman statues, it is a very interesting villa to visit…


At first, ice cream was a luxury only for the rich. It could only be produced in small quantities and had to be eaten within a few hours, as it required a lot of ice to keep it frozen. The city of Varese in Italy claims credit for the invention. With the creation of better ways to refrigerate and freeze food, frozen desserts are more accessible to the general public. As the popularity of frozen foods has grown, different countries have created their own versions. Gelato is considered to be the ice cream of Italy.

Frozen dessert is made with many of the same ingredients as ice cream but with considerably less fat and usually less sugar. The reason gelato contains less fat is due to the fact that it is made with milk instead of cream.


On the border between Piemonte and Lombardia, is the city of Novara, it is a very industrial city in an area that has a lot of land dedicated to growing rice. Novara has some places of tourist interest, such as the Basilica of San Gaudenzio, from the beginning of the 17th century, modified in the 19th century where a dome designed by the city architect Antonelli was added.

Inside, you can visit the tomb of the saint and several paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries, the 6th century batistery from the early Christian period and the Byzantine pavement are preserved in the basilica. If you are looking for other less cultural visits, you can go to Lake Maggiore, an area of lakes, with great landscapes that will remind you of that Italian picture of lakes, mountains and nature.


Bologna is home to the second oldest university in the world, the most popular dish in the city is spaghetti, and the city has a rich medieval heritage. Emilia Romagna is home to some of Italy’s most famous foods like the famous Parma ham. If you are looking for a vacation spot with a perfect beach landscape, you should head to Rimini, it has a lot of nightlife and a great atmosphere during the summer months.