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Rent a car in Strasbourg with Economy.Rentals

An emblematic city of the Grand Est of France, Strasbourg and its 275,000 inhabitants welcome you! Strasbourg is also located on the edge of the Franco-German border, and that is why many German speakers like to go there. With Economy.Rentals, it is now possible to find a car rental in Strasbourg cheap and easily.


For this, the Economy.Rentals catalog presents our entire range of cars for rent. Find the one you want, and book it at the best price. All you have to do is go to the car rental agency closest to you: after the few minutes necessary for the inventory, you are ready to hit the road! Our agencies are also present everywhere in Strasbourg: if you do not have an Internet connection available, go directly to one of them. Our agents will inform you about the availability of our fleet.

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What to do in Strasbourg with a car rental

Strasbourg is an essentially historical city: it is full of museums and historical monuments. So let’s start with these buildings, well represented by the church of Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune. This building with its resplendent architecture is a must for history lovers. It is not the only one in this case: Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Palais Rohan are two other excellent examples. But above all, do not hesitate to stroll around Strasbourg, in districts such as that of Petite France: the half-timbered houses form an ideal idea for a walk.

Strasbourg lends itself very well to walks alone, as a couple or as a family. For this, you can count on the Orangerie Park, the Orangerie Zoo or the University Botanical Garden.

And then, it is impossible to visit Strasbourg without going to see one of its museums. In terms of history, you can visit the local archaeological museum or the Alsatian museum. On the arts side, however, prefer the Tomi Ungerer illustration museum, the decorative arts museum and the moldings museum. For children, consider Le Vaisseau, a science center just for them. Ideas for outings that are all incentives to see cultural Strasbourg!

Why prefer car rental in Strasbourg

When visiting Strasbourg, do not hesitate to cross the border and see all that Germany has to offer. The large city of Offenburg is half an hour from Strasbourg.

But for this you will need to rent a car. Indeed, public transport offers you only limited possibilities of movement. To be able to move freely inside and outside Strasbourg, you will certainly need a rental vehicle.

Moreover, Economy.Rentals agencies are also present at the places where you are most likely to arrive in Strasbourg. Thus, you can find us near the motorway (the A4, A351 and A35 serve the city), near the TGV station or the airport. The latter is also out of the way: you will need to rent a vehicle if you want to go to the center.

The advantages of renting a car in Strasbourg with Economy.Rentals

Here are all the advantages to prefer car rental with Economy.Rentals.

The first of these is that you can make significant savings. Indeed, buying a car requires a significant investment. Then, you have to allocate a substantial budget for its maintenance and its procedures (such as technical control or insurance). All this is necessary when very often the buyer does not need his vehicle every day.

Under these conditions, why not prefer to rent a car? Renting a cheap car is indeed possible with Economy.Rentals. Thanks to our fleet, you can have a reliable car: these are recent models, both more efficient on the roads and less polluting. Moreover, the practice of renting can be compared to carpooling: it helps to reduce the number of vehicles issued by the automotive industry, and therefore on the roads. This is a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also to improve everyone’s driving comfort.

And then, on the Economy.Rentals catalog, you can find vehicles corresponding to all types of needs. For example, if you don’t have a license yet, that’s no problem: Economy.Rentals also offers car rental without a license. Do you prefer two-wheelers? Again, we can provide you with one too!

Economy.Rentals even has van rental in Strasbourg. With a truck and utility rental, individuals and professionals can consider moving or replacing a broken down vehicle, and with complete peace of mind!