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Rent a car Bordeaux

Main jewel of the Atlantic coast, Bordeaux is a city renowned for its wine-growing region, its international port and an environment that has remained close to a multi-millennium history. With 1.2 million inhabitants, it is also the ninth largest municipality in France, making it one of the main economic centers of the metropolis.

It’s decided: a visit is essential! We accompany you on a journey through the capital of Bordeaux thanks to advantageous car rentals. Thanks to Economy.Rentals, easily book your car rental online or in an agency. To travel, for a wedding or for all types of trips, we help you find the ideal vehicle according to your needs. You can rent a car for the day, for a one-way or round trip, but also for the week and the month. From Mérignac airport, take advantage of the best price regardless of your budget.

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All the reasons to rent a car in Bordeaux

Everyone has a reason to rent a car in Bordeaux! Starting with the wine, that of Bordeaux constituting one of the most consistent terroirs in this area. In the region, there are circuits designed by and for experienced oenologists. Among the great grape varieties, there are Merlot, Cabernet-franc, Sémillon, Malbec… Passionate about great wines, there are so many reasons to explore the region by car!

Close to the Atlantic coast, welcoming the Arcachon basin, the white sand beaches continue to attract millions of holidaymakers every year. If you are one of them, renting a car with ECONOMY.RENTALS allows you to enjoy the sun with complete peace of mind!

As a student, there is also a good chance that you will come to complete your studies in Bordeaux. The city already has nearly 80,000, with centers of excellence: the university management center, Bordeaux Montaigne University, the polytechnic institute, the national school of cognitique… All sectors are concerned! ECONOMY.RENTALS helps you in your daily travels with car rentals in Bordeaux for young drivers.

For those coming to work in Bordeaux, everything is also planned. The Gironde capital has all the infrastructure you will need on a daily basis. But in addition, it is a leading economic destination, including 25,000 establishments. Among them, there are big names, such as Thalès, Dassault Aviation or Orange. For workers and business travellers, ECONOMY.RENTALS has designed personalized car rental offers in Bordeaux Economy.Rentalspted to your needs.

Rent a car and visit Bordeaux

Bordeaux is also a cultural city. Moreover, culture is regularly the first budget of the city. It is full of remarkable points, whether for architecture, plastic arts or historical sites. Let us mention among others: the Saint-André cathedral, the Museum of Fine Arts, the natural history museum or the Jean Moulin center. Here again, enthusiasts will quickly understand the interest of renting a car to discover the cultural offer of Bordeaux.

ECONOMY.RENTALS suggests a circuit of some essential elements to see in the Bordeaux region. Start your journey in the region of Bergerac, in Dordogne. A short distance from Bordeaux, you will find the Maison des Vins: needless to say, it is an obligatory stopover for lovers of Bordeaux grape varieties. For others, linger in the old town of Bergerac: its half-timbered houses offer a guaranteed change of scenery!

Then head towards Saint-Émilion. Closer to Bordeaux, it is another very big name in the vine. Here again, it is also an idea of a historical route, since the village is the result of 800 years of history. Take the opportunity to visit the Tour du Roy and the monolithic church.

You will then pass through Bordeaux itself. The city of Gironde contains too many good addresses to mention them all. But for this circuit, we will remember the city of wines, the historical museum of Aquitaine, the museum of Fine Arts (whose works go from the 16th to the 20th century) and the museum of the Companions.

Continuing towards the Atlantic coast, you will come out in the famous Bassin d’Arcachon. It constitutes an ecosystem on its own, with ideas for specific outings. This is the name given to the Parc de la Coccinelle, the well-known Dune du Pilat and the Saint-Cécile Observatory.

With ECONOMY.RENTALS, you have everything to gain by renting a car in Bordeaux!

Buying a car is a big investment. In addition, once this has been carried out, you will have to maintain your vehicle and complete various administrative formalities: vehicle registration, insurance, technical inspection, etc. Very often, all these steps are not justified because the vehicle will only be used occasionally.

Under these conditions, it is better to rent a car for the time you need. ECONOMY.RENTALS is able to offer you car rentals by the day and even by the hour. In this way, our team takes care of maintaining our fleet of vehicles: all you have to do is settle in and hit the road!

For insurance, ECONOMY.RENTALS has devised a formula for car rental. Thanks to it, you have nothing to worry about in the event of an accident.

In addition, the fleet of vehicles at ECONOMY.RENTALS is made up of recent engines, suitable for the latest environmental standards. However, a recent vehicle is a vehicle the one that won’t let you go. Thus, by renting a car in one of our agencies, you have a solid guarantee against breakdowns!

And then, car rental is also a boost in favor of the planet. Like car-sharing, renting helps reduce the number of vehicles in circulation. This means fewer traffic jams on the roads, and therefore fewer greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere.

Car rentals for everyone!

When do you need a car rental in Bordeaux? Depending on your situation and your budget, the ECONOMY.RENTALS team helps you determine the vehicle you need. Our fleet is designed to meet all profiles.

Don’t have a permit? This is not a problem: we are also able to offer you vehicles without a license, and at the best price! Do you have a preference for two wheels? Motorcycles and scooters are also waiting for you on the ECONOMY.RENTALS platform.

Do you want to carry out work or a move? Our agencies will redirect you to a utility rental in Bordeaux that is more suitable for this type of journey. Don’t forget that ECONOMY.RENTALS is not only a car rental agency and also provides you with all the equipment necessary for a move: hand trucks, boxes, bubble wrap, etc.

So there is a vehicle for every situation. For special occasions, ECONOMY.RENTALS even has prestige vehicles, with brands such as BMW, Mercedes or Audi. Perfect vehicles for exceptional moments!

Professionals, we have also designed insurance formulas specially dedicated to works councils. Like individuals, our “CE ECONOMY.RENTALS” solution allows you to drive a set of vehicles with peace of mind!

What you need to know when renting a car in Bordeaux

If you plan to follow our circuit through the Bordeaux region, you are about to make a long journey. For this, you need accessories that guarantee you perfect comfort. ECONOMY.RENTALS, car rental agency also offers GPS and booster seats for rental.

Before you hit the road, an update on Bordeaux’s infrastructure is necessary. The region can be reached by three motorways, to which must be added the A630 (which encircles Bordeaux) and the N89, which joins the A89 at the level of the Dordogne.

Bordeaux-Mérignac airport, with an international vocation, is out of the way and located to the west of the city. It is connected to the center by shuttles. Fortunately, ECONOMY.RENTALS has cars for rent near the airport. From there, you can reach the center, and in particular Bordeaux’s main station: Bordeaux-Saint-Jean station. It is also the largest in its region and allows you to reach Paris in two hours. More locally, you can also use it to reach Bergerac, Libourne, La Rochelle, Limoges…

Finally, note that Bordeaux is made up of 8 districts, with major differences between each of them. The Chartrons sector, for example, welcomes the Public Garden and other green spaces. The Caudéran district, on the other hand, has a much more residential vocation: if you are planning to find accommodation to rent, this is probably where you should start. Do not hesitate to prepare your course according to your projects.

ECONOMY.RENTALS, for its part, remains at your disposal to help you find the car rental in Bordeaux that you need. Our agencies are available everywhere in Bordeaux, and even everywhere else in Aquitaine. There is bound to be one near you!

In Bordeaux, a car rental designed just for you

Our rental agencies present in Bordeaux allow you to access the entire ECONOMY.RENTALS fleet. This includes all categories of vehicles, from modest sizes such as city cars, compacts or even cars without a license to spacious models such as minivans or SUVs. 4x4s and other crossovers are also waiting for you in Bordeaux. This great diversity allows you to choose the car rental according to the tone you intend to give to your stay in the Bordeaux region.

For example, if you intend to stroll for a long time in the center, prefer an all-purpose model, such as the Ford Ka or the Fiat 500. Our electric models, such as the Renault Zoé, are also among the essentials. Conversely, if you want to get away and visit the Bordeaux hinterland, plan to rent a vehicle cut for the road. The Mercedes C-Class or the BMW X6 will be perfect for this. From the same manufacturer, the X3 will be preferred for leaving the road and venturing onto unexplored trails. And then, the Gironde capital is full of sunshine. It would be a shame not to enjoy it at the wheel of a convertible or a convertible. This vehicles are perfect for a getaway alone or with your significant other. But you can also count on minivans, like the Toyota Verso.

ECONOMY.RENTALS makes sure you find the perfect vehicle for your trip. We go even further and offer our short and long term rental formulas. For the shortest journeys, you can count on our hourly or daily rentals. And to avoid having to go to an agency, consider our self-service rental formula. Only equipped with your smartphone, ECONOMY.RENTALS is for you synonymous with freedom!